Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Three: Straight Outta Compton...Wisconsin

With the holidays in full swing and the NFL season culminating in another exciting playoff push, the founders of TSZ - that's right, four months in and we're already third person, bitches - decided to hand over the Thursday Three reins to their crafty, intelligent, and enthusiastic readers. One man's laziness is another man's courageous act of trust. The best thing about writing is: everything is semantics. 

The guidelines were simple: Write us a Thursday Three blog post. Give it an intro, include your picks, and make it entertaining. Although the mass of entries did not constitute an Internet traffic jam, there were several submissions to choose from, the most complete of which came from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

TSZ's Thursday Three

HO HO HO!  It's Christmas time ladies and gentlemen. We're muddling through our first blizzard of the season here in Wisconsin...definitely going to be a White Christmas for us. With the playoffs on the horizon there's plenty of good match-ups to choose from this weekend. 

First of all, I like the Green Bay Packers (-11.5) - surprise, surprise - to take care of the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau.  Even though they've already clinched the NFC North ("the Bears still suck" ), they are fighting for the NFC's 2nd seed.  They found out last year that resting players backfires, so they're going to keep their foot on the gas and both hands on the wheel. Go Pack!

I also like the St. Louis Rams (+3) to take advantage of a slumping Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. Much like last year Tampa Bay is sliding to the finish line, especially now that they're out of playoff contention. Their ATS dominance is no longer a consideration like it was through the first eleven weeks.  They are coming apart at the seams, while the Rams have impressed ATS on the road all year.

My favorite team this week is the New York Football Giants (-2.5) to handle the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore already clinched a playoff spot while the Giants NEED to win to have a shot at the playoffs.  The Ravens have not been playing good football lately and the Giants play their best ball with their backs against the wall.  Look for New York to bounce back from that horrific game in Atlanta and show up big this weekend. 

Unfortunately, there's no more Thursday Night games this year; I really enjoy watching football on Thursday because it makes me feel like the weekend has already begun.  I guess Saturday in Detroit will have to do. Here's to a great week 16 everyone.  Hopefully we all do well and some extra spending money for the holidays.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  Peace.

Beer n Brats for Breakfast 
Green Bay Packers Fan

Some deleted scenes that missed the cut simply because they did not have the complete package were:

#2) New England Patriots (-14.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars: Beli"cheat" and Brady haven't slept all week because of the beating they took the first half Monday night. The only back that gets to carry the ball this week is Woodhead. The Jag's spent their time watching film of USC and West Virginia to evaluate next years QB. All that adds up to a 40+ point first half as the Patriots never pass up an opportunity to run up the score.

Texas Todd
Broncos Fan

CAROLINA PANTHERS (-8.5) vs Oakland Raiders: This will be the most points the Panthers have been favored by all season. The Raiders have four wins this year - two against the Chiefs. They are quietly the worst team in the league. Carson Palmer is the Carson Daly of the NFL. They both marginally peaked in 2002, but it's been downhill for a decade. No one knows what happened to Carson Daly - I think I saw him selling oranges on I-5. I think Palmer will be joining him soon. Hand the team over to Pryor and see what happens. Carolina will cover.

Buffalo Bills (+4.5) at Miami Dolphins: An AFC Least battle royale. Why are there certain organizations that are destined to suck? Both Miami and Buffalo struggle to find the right players. They both haven't had a good QB since Marino and Kelly. They both try to make big free agent splashes and then those players just seem to decline once they put on the uniform. Carousel coaching staffs, shitty QB play and a culture of failure just plague these 2 organizations. I think the Dolphins win and cover but I don't know why. 

Noah G. 
New York Giants Fan

Thanks for the hard work, TSZ readers/authors. You continue to make this the best gambling website in the world according to its third person founders. 

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Vinny and Marco

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