Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback

What a weekend. It's kind of fun knowing how things pan out by Sunday night, even when they don't pan out that well. We did not see a 42-13 Niners drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks coming. As a member of Team Smith and Team Jacob (that's a Twilight joke for people who don't work with teenagers), I was hoping Harbaugh would sit Colin just to see if a New Moon might rise over Seattle in the second half. 

It looks like Marco's in the swing of things now, nailing down his second straight 10-6 ATS week in a row. And, the piece de resistance - a 5-0 Friday Five. It's like we're all back where we started from. It was great to hear from all of your who took our picks and ran...all the way to the bank. Thank you for the coffees that have arrived and the ones still to come. Very holiday season of you all. 

TSZ Welcoming Committee: Would like to extend greetings to our latest followers, Meg and Blake. It's nice to see new members climbing aboard this late in the season. And what a perfect time to join us. 

Coffee Thank You's: A very gracious cup of coffee was delivered this morning by one of our newest community members - Gabby. Thank you very much. You are true to your word - even when buzzed on Sunday. 

Unfortunately, I have to work today, so this morning's post will be short but sweet. I hope you all enjoy your Chritmas Eve, Christmas Day, and all the days thereafter. 

Peace be with you all,

Vinny and Marco

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