Saturday, December 1, 2012

Psychic Saturday: Week 13 Guaranteed Picks from an Animal Communicator

Ask and thou shall receive.

No sooner do I make the mere suggestion of incorporating my psychic, animal communicating mother-in-law into The Spread Zone than she is knocking on our back door saying, "I know I said it was the week of the ground animal, but does that cover all the picks?"
"No," I smiled to myself, sliding the glass door open wide, "No it doesn't."

So now the cherry on the top of the Weekly Wednesday-Thursday Three-Friday Five Sundae (do you see what I did there?) is our brand new Psychic Saturday. For those of you who don't know the background story, my mother-in-law is a retired school teacher who discovered she had a gift of communicating with animals directly and psychically. In retirement, this has blossomed into a part-time second career. Now let's find out if it can help us pick some underdogs.

Keep in mind, my mother-in-law knows almost nothing about football, which is evidenced by her asking me last year if it was possible that a game in the Georgia Dome would be cancelled due to weather. The only information I provided her with was home and away teams, and when she asked more probing questions, my pat answer was, "It's the NFL. It's possible."

Week 13 Picks of a Psychic Animal Communicator


Seasonal Trend: Year of the Bird

Week 13 Trend: Ground Animals, but more specifically cats

Sadly, all picks are SU not ATS, but if you like to bet the money line...

Additional information is included with many of the games if you like to make

1. Jacksonville Jaguars over Buffalo Bills: Very close, but cats running all around buffaloes.

2. Carolina Panthers over Kansas City Chiefs: someone important will injure their left shoulder.

3. New England Patriots over Miami Dolphins: Duh. Water dwelling mascot.

4. New York Jets over Arizona Cardinals: Something about a stream of green, but uncertain what it meant.

5. Detroit Lions over Indianapolis Colts: Very physical game, but Lion paws everywhere will be the demise of the Colts.

6. Chicago Bears over Seattle Seahawks: And she is a huge fan Seattle's helmet logo, so this is saying something.

7. St. Louis Rams over San Francisco Forty Niners: Jeff Fisher's squad is apparently going to win by 5.

8. Tennessee Titans over Houston Texans: This one got a little weird when she said, "Number 23 is going to hurt his achilles." Sorry Arian Foster fantasy owners. I can't make this shit up. We should probably call to warn him.

9. Green Bay Packers over Minnesota Vikings: Brutal game decided in the last minute.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Denver Broncos: This will be won in the air, or something along those lines.

11. Cincinnati Bengals over San Diego Chargers: The Chargers will dominate but the Bengals will find a way to win. They'll probably just call the Ravens or watch the tape.

12. Cleveland Browns over Oakland Raiders: No reason - let's just say brown is better than black.

13. Baltimore Ravens over Pittsburgh Steelers: She's seeing leg injuries - which doesn't really take a psychic in the NFL - but don't expect anyone to last in this game.

14. Philadelphia Eagles over Dallas Cowboys: Ugly, ugly game were her exact words. Again, no crystal ball necessary.

15. Washington Redskins over New York Giants: Let me remind you she knows nothing about these teams when she says, "I see someone running all over the place and making it very difficult for the New York team." Or she's a closet RG3 fan club member and the best secret keeper in the world.

So let's call this a dry run. I didn't know I was going to post this until about half way through her picks. Next week, especially if she does well, I'll pry more information out of her.

For now...who knows?

Just something to pass the time until Sacred Sunday,

Vinny and Marco

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  1. Damn...that's good stuff! Scary thing is my picks correlate closely. Not sure if that's good or bad...but I never mess with the "wizardry of the great unknown"!

  2. For the sake of integrity, here were this week's Friday Five. The teams we predicted would win or cover:

    5. Vikings
    4. Buccaneers
    3. Patriots
    2. Texans
    1. Bears

    Here's hoping. Good luck everyone