Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Three: Postponed Due to Pain

Good evening TSZ Readers

Sadly, this week's Thursday Three will not be posted today. I re-aggravated a pinched nerve sometime yesterday, which got increasingly painful, kept me up all night and landed me in the ER for several hours this afternoon. I knew I should have been wearing my all-purpose helmet. I guess even betting on football can be dangerous,.

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My apologies to all who submitted. There were some very fine picks this week. I will do my best to publish The Three long with our Five tomorrow.

Peas out,

Vinny and Marco


  1. I find this week difficult to pick games ats but the ones im leaning towards are.

    1. Packers -2.5
    2. Texans -7.5
    3. Chargers -2.5

  2. Get yourself better Vinny ...we'll try to pick up the slack.

  3. Hope you got some pain meds Vinny!! Hope your gambling week goes well so you can pay for the trip to ER! Doesn't sound like fun.

    What happened to all the good karma?!

    Take care of yourself

    Go Broncos!