Friday, November 1, 2013

NFL Picks Week 9: Friday Five TSZ Insider Contest

Greetings and welcome to the first annual Texas Todd TSZ Insider Reclaim Your Ill Invested $17 Football Handicapping Contest. I'm sure that name will change in the future as many times as it has in the past. For those of you playing along at home, this contest is akin to the Thursday Three we used to have last year where readers submit their top 5 confidence picks each week ranked from 5 being least to 1 being most confident. Points will be awarded inversely with least confident picks receiving 1 point if correct and most confident picks receiving 5 points.

This contest was created in an effort to apologize to our Insiders for having such an awful start to the season, but please feel free to play along and submit your Friday Five in the comments section below. If you play every week, I'll keep track of  your picks, and the best "Walk On" picks will receive a home made TSZ t-shirt at the end of the season. With the amount of attention we're receiving these days, your odds might be worth the 30 seconds/week.

Below are the Friday Fives submitted by our Insiders along with Marco's and mine at the bottom. The object of the game is to beat the house (Marco and me), and prizes will be distributed accordingly.

Sorry about the quality of the table. Our engineering graduate has hit the road to follow Blink 182 around the country...or at least to one show in L.A. Who knows, if someone can find an ADA law that says grids need to be less blurry, he might be persuaded to offer his incredibly valuable Excel
skills to our promo.

Good luck everyone. If I left anyone out, please e-mail me immediately so I can remedy the situation. Also, if you didn't enter your picks this week, the way the season is going so far it won't be impossible to make a comeback by joining the competition next week.

May the spread be with you all,

Vinny and Marco

PS If you're a "walk on" contestant, please remember that Anonymous is probably already taken as a moniker. 


Late submissions that will count and added to next week's grid are:

Cheddar Packs with the following picks:

5. New Orleans 
4. Seattle
3. Dallas
2. Oakland
1. Carolina

Miles E. with the following picks:

#5. Browns
#4  Redskins
#3  Texans 
#2  Saints 
#1  Raiders

Archie G.

5. Baltimore
4. Green Bay
3. New York Jets
2. San Diego
1. Carolina 


5. New England -6.5
4. Seattle -16.5
3. Oakland -1
2. San Diego pk
1. Bal -2.5

Jay Y.

5. Raiders
4. Patriots
3. Jets
2. Vikings
1. Texans

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