Saturday, November 9, 2013

NFL Picks Week 10: Reader's Choice Awards

Good morning TSZ Insiders, Outsiders, and porn addicts who may have misunderstood the meaning of The Daily Spread. Whomever you may be, we have something for you.

              Porn for Women

As many of you Insiders participating in our Texas Todd First Annual Damn I Wish I Hadn't Sent Vinny and Marco $17 For the Crap They've Been Sending Me All Year Contest have probably realized, our once exclusive Friday Five picks - which I can't even tell you the season record to date because crying and math just don't mix - are now completely free and posted right here with all of your Friday Five exclusive picks. It dawned on me yesterday, and I hope you're all cool with that.

Hopefully, as the week's unfold, one of our Insiders will emerge as a knowledgeable NFL handicapper, a soothsayer, a psychic, or just a really, really lucky guy. Perhaps that person will accept the reins of TSZ and take us to the promise land. Thank you all for getting your picks in. After one week, everyone is still in it. The weighted confidence picks give us all a shot to catch up in a hurry, so don't lose hope even if you appropriately chose the moniker Cellar Dwellar before the contest started. Perhaps you are the psychic, Francis.

Here are the Week 10 Friday Five Picks Against the Spread. Lines will be taken from our Week 10 Picks Post and scores will again be calculated by the most confident picks receiving 5 points, then on down to 1 point for your least confident pick. The far right column has your points to date. Please ignore the missing line between your third and fourth picks. It represents nothing save my inability to navigate the stupid, f-ing grid-making options on my computer.

Please, and I mean this sincerely, double check the standings against your picks posted last week. I've already been corrected and I'm happy to make changes when wrong.

Good luck this week. I'll be sending out the reasoning behind our Friday Five and some Over/Under suggestions later today. It's my daughter's fourth birthday, so I'm a little behind schedule and I apologize for that.

Enjoy your Saturday and thank you all for participating, reading, and losing right along with us this season.

Vinny and Marco

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