Sunday, October 20, 2013

Super Teaser Sunday Morning

After a rough weekend where we saw the Browns lose by a 1/2 point, the Jets lose by 4 points, the Vikings losing by who knows how many points, and the Texans (did they even play Sunday? Who was there QB again?) lose by god knows how many, I had to relax and get my thoughts straight by watching East Bound And Down to take my mind of the fact that the Vikings and Texans are just playing bad football. Even with the amount of points those teams were given on the Super Pleaser  all of them cost me in one way or another. 

After a few days of down time, I watched a new program Hello Ladies which is hilarious by the way and that soothed the heartache of last weekends losses. Even with all the points Vegas gave away last weekend, I still can't believe those teams failed me. But with all that said, it's time to speak with Vinny and Marco and play them against these spreads on the Super Teaser. 

It looks like an investors weekend for sure where the games are plentiful - 8 1:00 games another 4 4:00 games. Hopefully by 7 pm we will know our fate and weather its a Sunday where we have to laugh to prevent us from crying, or we are laughing cause we just pulled off a good payday. 

By the way congrats to a friend of mine that just took Dover Downs for $25,000 on a $5 bet - 8 teams and $5 got him $25,000 on a reverse teaser. 

But anyway here we go and let hope its a good weekend,


My tickets for today:

Pats +6 1/2
Chargers +2 1/2
Chiefs +2 1/2
Lions +6 1/2
Bills+19 1/2
Bears+ 10 1/2
Cowboys+13 1/2
Panthers+2 1/2
Bucs+ 17 1/2
49ers+4 1/2
Browns+21 1/2
Ravens+10 1/2

Going to bounce
Jets +13 1/2
Texans +17 1/2
Bengals+ 13 1/2
Rams+17 1/2


  1. Good Job - You got them all. Keep the PICKS coming...


    1. Hey Stan,

      Thanks for the comment. I'll pass it on to JK. He knocked it out of the park this weekend.