Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Thursday: C'mon Future Spread Zone Experts

Prolific gamblers such as Mysterio and Jimmy the Weasel have already submitted their Thursday Three confidence picks. What about the rest of you? Get your picks in by mid-day tomorrow to be a part of our new segment where Fans become Experts in a matter of seconds. We're excited to see how intelligent our fan base can be when they put their minds together. And yes, we'll have our picks in by this afternoon, but Marco's still has to crunch some numbers, flip a couple of coins, and play a few more games of Madden 2012 to finalize the results. Check back in a couple of hours.


Here's the The Thursday Three format in case you forgot.

The Thursday Three: Where Fans Share Their Expertise

Step 1: We have a new e-mail address:

Step 2: Include in your e-mail to us the three picks this week - against the spread - you are most confident in. Rank them in order 1 (most confident) to 3 (least confident).

Step 3: Include a sentence or two as to why you think your teams will win and/or cover. Please include stats, history, match-up issues rather than just "C'mon - Packers Rule," or "Jay Cutler Sucks." Actually, you can totally include that last part. 

Step 4: Let us know a little bit about yourself:
Where are you from: City, State
Primary Fan of: Which team do you love?

Step 5: Send us your picks and your thoughts and check back on Thursday to see if you were a part of the consensus Top Three Picks. Marco and I will tally up the picks and post The Thursday Three along with commentary from you the reader/fan/gambler. 

It's fun and, as usual, it's free.

And most of all...C'mon.

Vinny and Marco

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  1. Hey boys, disregard my third pick, the Broncos. I am now leaning heavily in favour of the Baltimore Ravens. No Ben and a -3 spread has me excited about the Ravens big time! And things like the spelling of favour or favourite are spelt the right way here in Canada. Just some COLOUR to add to this post! Thanks guys and hurry up with those picks!!!!!

  2. WOW! Just found your site and I'm in. I'll email my picks in as soon as I finish this comment. I posted all my picks for this week on The Spread Zone, along with some humorous comments. Got you bookmarked now, so I'll be visiting from time to time.