Monday, November 12, 2012

From Fan to Gambler to Expert...The Spread Zone Wants You

The Spread Zone is going places and we need you to help us move!!

Do you ever feel like you waste too much time scouring the Internet for some simple, direct, honest, insightful tips about how to gamble your hard earned money? Are you tired of typing the words "expert," "picks," "ATS," "NFL," "2012," "Guaranteed Locks," "Above .500 on the season for god's sake," and most importantly "free" into the Google Search box? Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a single site where NFL Picks ATS from multiple sources were at your fingertips week in and week out? Wouldn't it be even better if you could participate and share your knowledge with your gambling peers in a brand new segment that will no doubt be taking our Gambling Nation by storm?

Well, loyal readers, at The Spread Zone we're inviting you to fulfill all your dreams by participating in a brand new segment called The Thursday Three. As faithful fans fond of alliteration, Marco and I felt as though we'd disturbed the balance of the Universe by including a Thursday night football game in our fantastically fruitful Friday Five. Simultaneously, however, we also felt as though our readers would not be served well without including the entire schedule on some form of Confidence List. The result of our conflict: even more of The Spread Zone. Who doesn't want that? 

A big part of the reason we made this decision, is because we've received a remarkable number of e-mails from people both agreeing and disagreeing with our picks. 

Our request to you, dear readers, is to follow the guidelines below and send us your top three confidence picks of the week. 

The Thursday Three: Where Fans Share Their Expertise

Step 1: We have a new e-mail address:

Step 2: Include in your e-mail to us the three picks this week - against the spread - you are most confident in. Rank them in order 1 (most confident) to 3 (least confident).

Step 3: Include a sentence or two as to why you think your teams will win and/or cover. Please include stats, history, match-up issues rather than just "C'mon - Packers Rule," or "Jay Cutler Sucks." Actually, you can totally include that last part. 

Step 4: Let us know a little bit about yourself:
Where are you from: City, State
Primary Fan of: Which team do you love?

Step 5: Send us your picks and your thoughts and check back on Thursday to see if you were a part of the consensus Top Three Picks. Marco and I will tally up the picks and post The Thursday Three along with commentary from you the reader/fan/gambler. 

It's fun and, as usual, it's free.

Coffee Thank You's: We'll probably just save these for the beginning of each week, but we wanted to say welcome and thank you to our newest follower Row007. Thanks for the caffeine and the confidence. 

If you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail or comment below. We look forward to hearing from all of you at:


Vinny and Marco

Reminders: This is a new section we will include at the end of every post. Our goal at The Spread Zone is to help you make money, and if we can scrape together a few pennies with Google Adsense and other Ad revenues, we're going to try to do that. But we need you're help.

#1. If you shop at,,, please click on these links through our blogs because allegedly we might get a commission. So far, we haven't, but we don't know if anyone is clicking. Also, please tell us where you do shop, and we'll start an Shop Here List.

#2. Coffee Donations: Feel free to buy us a cup of coffee anytime - top right of the page. If you'd rather wait and see how you do with our picks, that's fine. If you appreciate what we're doing regardless of the outcome, you can donate anytime. Thanks again to everyone who has done so already. It has felt like a warm, delicious compliment.

#3. Now that we have the support and appreciation of fellow handicappers, we feel like The Spread Zone has as much potential as any free gambling website out there. We always appreciate feedback and suggestions. Like my favorite baseball team likes to say, "Together We're Giant." 


  1. BnB4B says, I love it...I'm in.

    1. Sweet. Look forward to your insights.

      Vinny and Marco

  2. [Just for fun...from beer n brats for breakfast]

    Rodgers to Cutler..."So you scored 6 points against the Texans, that's cute. We scored 6 TOUCHDOWNS!"

    [The Bears still suck!]

  3. bnb4b
    oh yeah...enjoy the java

    1. Bring it, BNB4B. Jay Cutler smack talk is always welcome at TSZ. We'll have our picks in mid-day tomorrow. Don't forget to send us your Thursday Three when you have time. And thanks for the coffee. You rock.

      Vinny and Marco