Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Five for Frappuccinos




Good morning faithful TSZ readers. Vinny and Marco here to wish you and yours a very Happy Black Friday. What a strange phenomenon in our capitalistic, American culture. Don't those people fist-fighting over the latest cabbage patch kid, beanie baby, or Call of Duty 25 know that their money could be much better spent on a parlay, a super teaser, or a French tickler. I know that last one's not a gambling term, but look it up - it's still money well spent.

In hopes of taking The Spread Zone to the next level - I know it's hard to imagine that there is a next level for us - we're going to try to recruit new followers, fans, critics, gamblers, or just plain readers by VIP-ing our Friday Five this week. Don't worry, TSZ followers - Curtis, Mysterio, BNB4B, WannaBBallers, Jimmy C., Row007, Edude, Greg, Davez, Fubsy9, Jayden, and Jeff Mayer - you've all earned your keep with witty commentary, insightful e-mails, and coffee donations. The Friday Five will be sent to your e-mail addresses later this morning. If we don't have your e-mail address yet, please send it to us at: We have a lot of them, but I don't want to leave any of you out. Also, we have some unofficial followers, like Todd, Abdool, Salvatore, and John who will also be getting The Friday Five for free.

We're honestly not getting too big for our britches, we just have a vision of where we would like to take this project and it's going to take a lot of caffeine. Man, I sure hope we nail it again, or we're going to fee like a couple of schmucks.

For the rest of you, we're not asking for much - just absolute loyalty, intelligent feedback, community participation, and your first born. Or just a warm, delicious coffee donation. We were going to offer a money back guarantee, but PayPal takes a commission, which would make accounting very messy for all of us. For non-follower who are interested in our Friday Five picks, here are some suggestions we have before you commit.

1. Read earlier posts about The Friday Five to check out our track record. We take a lot of favorites, but in some ways that makes our 19-7 ATS record even more impressive because this has been the year of the underdog. Our worst Friday Five so far has landed us at 3-2 ATS. Have a look at all of our Week 12 picks to decide whether you even care what we have confidence in.

2. Check the comments section below the posts and we believe you will find some of the most well-informed  NFL handicapping fans/gamblers on the Internet. Just look at their original Thursday Three fan picks - 3-0 ATS. Get in now, because they might start asking for coffee, too.

3. Ask yourself if you really need help with this. A radio analyst recently described NFL handicapping as "throwing darts at a dart board." Are we that good, or have we just been lucky enough to hit the bulls eye 19 out of 26 times? We honestly don't know for sure yet, but we're gaining confidence every week.

4. If you decide to join TSZ, this is all we're asking for:

Step 1: Make a coffee donation by clicking on the DONATE button that says "Coffee for Vinny and Marco."


Step 2: Become a Follower of The Spread Zone. This isn't mandatory, but if you do you will get the Friday Five free for the rest of the season. Otherwise you can donate on a weekly basis to see if you'd like to follow our blog.


Step 3: Send us an e-mail at letting us know you donated. Include a confirmation number in case your moniker isn't easily recognized.

Step 4: Reap the benefits of not only our successful Friday Five, but also the supportive, intelligent dialogue of everyone who has made The Spread Zone what it is today.


It's all in good fun. We make no guarantees, but we've made a lot of dollars for a few people, or a few dollars for a lot of people. We're sure at least one of those things is true.

Peace out fellow gamblers. Enjoy the hell out of Sunday.

Vinny and Marco


  1. Are you guys never going to post your favorite 5 picks on friday anymore?

    1. Hey Anonymous,

      What we're trying to do is build a following and make a little money in hopes of expanding The Spread Zone, so we're just asking people to join TSZ, make a coffee donation if they're feeling generous, and then we'll send the Friday Five to you. Shoot us an e-mail at the above address so we can chat.

      Thanks for writing.

      Vinny and Marco

  2. I am a follower. An when I win I will donate money for coffee. Sharing the wealth!

  3. Thanks, Hameen. We just sent you an e-mail with the Friday Five. I think you'd been left out because you wrote to us first and your address wasn't automatically saved into our contacts. We would never leave out a valued member of our Thursday Three panel intentionally. Hope you like the picks.

    Vinny and Marco

  4. you dudes selling out already?! i just found you guys and starting following 3 weeks ago! i loved you guys, i knew this site was too good to be true...

    1. Awww, c'mon, Willy B.,

      Don't use the past tense of "love" like that. We're not selling out, we just have a vision for The Spread Zone and are asking for a little help. All of our picks are still free on the previous post, and we never expect anyone to donate more than they are willing to happily part with. Many have donated coffee, but others have just donated their time and participation to the site. Shoot us an e-mail at the address above. I'd bet good coffee that you'll find we are still the same, down-to-earth gamblers we were three weeks ago.

      Vinny and Marco