Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thursday Three: TSZ Fan Picks For Week 12

Last Week: 3-0 ATS

Season to Date: 3-0 ATS

Last week was obviously our Thursday Three's first week here at TSZ, but what a great start. The Ravens-Steelers game was kind of a wash, but we were very clear that we would only take the Ravens up to 2.5 points and that goes for our fans, too. 

This week some of our fan-experts have included a Thursday game, which is why we've been pressuring followers for submissions in order to publish this post as quickly as possible. Although Marco and I haven't been able to post all of our picks yet (don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of fun, gambling-related hobbies?), we fully intend to have the rest of the Week 12 schedule (16 games again baby) out sometime between the first and third courses of food and football tomorrow.

It's Turkey Day Eve, it's getting late even in Cali, and although I'd like to say I'm sleeping in until Detroit-Houston kicks off at 9:30, I'm pretty sure my three year-old daughter has much earlier plans in store for me. Marco and I love Thanksgiving because we both have so much to be grateful for - friends, family, and now a kind, intelligent, and supportive group of gamblers with whom to share the joys and the frustrations of NFL handicapping. Speaking of gratitude...

Special Holiday Coffee Donation Thank You to: Greg - nice to have another Niner fan on the site. Thanks for the pick me up. 

Marco and I were, however, a little disappointed with the Thursday Three turn out this week, but we are very forgiving during the holidays and understand we weren't the best role models. Please know that none of this would be possible without you, so when we guilt trip you it is only in the best interest of everyone involved. And let's face it - you've been spoiling us with all of your commentary, feedback, and e-mails. Keep 'em comin'.


That being said, this week's Three is a slightly smaller sample size and a more eclectic group of confidence picks. Nonetheless, there were three that came up in multiple submissions, and here they are:

Week 12 Thursday Three: TSZ Fan Picks: 

3. Green Bay Packers (+2.5) over NEW YORK GIANTS

"Greenbay is in tough race to catch Chicago, plus they have the revenge factor from last year. Anytime you give me points with the Packers I am taking them. Giants just haven't been impressive - too many inconsistencies.

Hameen Ali
Dover, DE
All Around Fan

"Packers have injuries but have still been winning games. Nelson is back on the field also with Jermichael Finley getting some touches last week. Overall I think Packers have more weapons and Rodgers just knows how to win games. Plus the NY Giants have two straight losses to the Steelers and Bengals which I believe Packers are way better than. Only advantage the Giants have are them coming well rested off of a bye week. Also, Green Bay Packers ATS AWAY (3-2) - NY Giants ATS HOME (1-4)"

Hercules, CA
Niners Fan

2. St. Louis Rams (+2.5) over ARIZONA CARDINALS

"Ryan Lindell is apparently starting for the Cards.  Nuf said?  Ok, Ok, Ok...but seriously, the Rams defense should give the ARI O-line plenty of problems.  They should bounce back now that they're in the more comfortable underdog role."

Beer & Brats for Breakfast
Green Bay, WI
Packers Fan

"Taking the STL underdogs here. Arizona struggled offensively, and the struggled against the Rams in the first round. I believe the Rams overlooked the Jets game, and we saw what they are capable of doing (SF game). Fisher will find a way to pull this one out versus an Arizona offense that is pretty week. It'll be a defensive battle, but Bradford will pull out the win by 3 points!"

Luis G.
Long Island, NY
Steelers Fan

1. Denver Broncos (-10.5) over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS:

"Denver's defense is too good for KC and manning will eat them up. A little worried about all the points but KC will turnover the ball just enough to keep it at two tds. Also not sure how the rb situation is with macgehee out but nothing manning doesn't fix this week."

Broncos Fan

"Peyton Manning has made the Broncos a whole different team. Broncos have a 6-4 ATS record 3-2 ATS AWAY record. Also when the Broncos are ATS FAVS they are 5-1. Chiefs are probably one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. 1-9 SU record with a 1-4 ATS HOME record. Also in fantasy football KC has given up the MOST fantasy points to team defenses. Enough said!"

Hercules, CA
Niners Fan

Other teams receiving the fan nod included: Cleveland, Tennessee, San Diego, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh. 

So there you have it TSZ readers. Let's hope our fans build on the success of last week and make this segment into something we can all be proud of.

We're grateful you're all here. Happy Turkey Day. Enjoy the feast, the football, your friends, and your families. 

Vinny and Marco

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  1. Sorry boys haven't been able to get on here but, Detroit over Houston? Houston is 1 of my locks!

    1. Hey Mysterio,

      We thought maybe Canadians hibernated during Thanksgiving or something, but we knew the Detroit pick would lure you out of the cave. Here are a couple of compelling stats: Houston is 0-5 ATS after an OT game, and 0-8 ATS vs non-conference opponents with .400 or worse winning percentages. Food for thought. Plus we wanted a real Turkey Day gamble.

      Vinny and Marco

  2. What is your picks for todays games. I am set on houston redskins and patriots. What you guys think?

    1. Hey Hameen,

      Thanks for becoming such an active member of TSZ. Your Thursday Three were solid. If you look at our last blog post, it has our Thanksgiving picks, but to summarize we like: Detroit, Washington, and New England. Detroit is our true gamble of the week. Check out compelling stats we just sent Mysterio above.

      Vinny and Marco

  3. I am going crazy. I read that post early in the week and just straight up forgot. Detroit pick looks solid. Glad I only played Houston on one teaser card.