Monday, April 7, 2014

NCAA Championship: Pseudo-Cinderellas Duke It Out in Texas

No time today, but I must say this: TAKE THE POINTS

Heading into the final game of The Madness, Marco and I bring a respectable 16-9 ATS record or 64%. That's money if you've been playing along. Speaking of which, a special congratulations to Manny who followed up winning our Friday Five Contest during football season by winning our March Madness bracket contest.

BracketRankScoreBest Possible
N Machesney26262
Todd Schneider35757
archibald glover45656
Cam Potter55454
Isaac Fishman65050
Laura Zvaleuskas74040

Sorry MaChez - that was a gutting loss for your Badgers, the only team left I was rooting for. Now I just hope that time gets frozen indefinitely and neither team gets to hoist the trophy. If, however, the game does reach an ending, we're recommending taking the points in what promises to be another close call for Kentucky. Will they prevail? We don't care as long as they don't do it by more than 3. Ultimately, it's hard not to root a little bit for a guy who takes such good care of his mustache.

Official Pick: UConn +3

Peace out,

Vinny and Marco

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