Saturday, April 19, 2014

NBA Playoff Picks ATS - April 19, 2014

Late last night I received an e-mail from a long time reader, Jeff L., who reminded us that we "killed it" last year with our NBA playoff picks. Checking the June transcripts, not only did I realize that Jeff was right but I also found out that I, who has never seen a hockey game in its entirety, was also hitting NHL playoff games at an 80% clip through 10 games. There must be something about the post-season that brings out the best in novice handicappers. So Jeff, thank you for writing to us with your request, and although I don't have time to write every day like I did last year, I'll make a concerted effort to post and rank my picks in case anyone wants to get back on the roller coaster of degeneracy. 

2013 NBA Playoff Record: 51-32 ATS or 61%

2014 Here We Come:

Brooklyn Nets (+3) over TORONTO RAPTORS: Jason Kidd is the wild card in this game. He's a rookie coach, but his former veteran colleagues will not let that get in the way of them stealing game one. Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Derron Williams, and KG are just thrilled that they're not playing Chicago. Take the points here.

Golden State Warriors (+7) over Los Angeles Clippers: I'm a homer here, so this will not be my most confident pick. The loss of Andrew Bogut is devastating, but I have to believe the spirit and defensive efficiency of this team - even without Bogut - will keep them in this game. Don't bet on it, but for the sake of our record we're taking the Warriors.

INDIANA PACERS (-7) over Atlanta Hawks: Indiana has been awful and the Hawks have been on a roll which is why so much action is going to Atlanta. The Pacers, however, have been waiting all year for this playoff run and we believe they begin it with a bang. 

Memphis Grizzlies (+7) over OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER: Too many points for a seasoned, veteran group of defensive-minded players who are known to create playoff havoc. The inside presence of Gasol and Randolph will help the Grizz get off to a great start while OKC has to clamber for a late-game comeback win to preserve home court. 

Confidence Rankings

1. Indiana Pacers -7
2. Brookly Nets +3
3. Memphis Grizzlies +7
4. Golden State Warriors +7

Enjoy your weekends everyone,

Vinny and Marco

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