Friday, April 25, 2014

NBA Playoff Picks - 4/25/14

Well poop on a stick. Another 1-2 ATS night and the Indiana Pacers falling yet again in Atlanta, has Marco and I three games below .500 and par for top confidence picks.

Picks to Date: 8-11 ATS

Top Confidence Picks: 2-2 ATS

Although my faulty memory has me believing we were practically undefeated in the NBA playoffs last year, the reality is that a year ago today we were 11-8 ATS before going on a 40-23 ATS tear to finish off the post-season. Minus the half point defeats in Toronto and last night in Oakland, and we're just shy of last year's mark. We also had a completely fabricated statistic called our Confidence Efficiency Rating (CER) which we used to further breakdown our pick rankings within our picks. We started to use that this year, but I kept forgetting to rank the picks. Looking back at the lengthy posts I submitted daily for our NBA Playoff Pick-a-thon, I also must have either had some sort of time-freezing/stretching device or absolutely no life between April and June of last year. Probably the latter.

So, much like Frank Vogel must be saying to himself before every game - this has got to be the day we turn things around. Let's do this.

Toronto Raptors (+5) over BROOKLYN NETS: In a pivotal, must-win Game 3 for both of these teams, we anticipate a game much-like we saw in Memphis and at Golden State last night. The young Raptors got their first playoff win under their belts and should come into this game with enough confidence to carry them to the win or at the very least a close cover. Although the home team has dominated this series of late, the underdog is 5-2-2 ATS in the last nine meetings. We'll take the points in what promises to be a scale-tipper in this inevitable seven game series.

"Remember that show The Weakest Link? Yeah..."

Chicago Bulls (+3) over WASHINGTON WIZARDS: Come on, you didn't think we'd turn our backs on Chicago did you? We might be playing the fool like we did in Atlanta last night, but even with Chicago's offensive woes we'll take them to fight until the bitter end - which could come in a four-game sweep if they don't win tonight. Bulls finally get a win tonight as the Washington crowd has to wait a couple more days for their first home playoff win in...forever.

Houston Rockets (+3) over PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS: There is absolutely no good reason to pick the Houston Rockets tonight, except for the fact that there's absolutely no good reason to pick the Rockets tonight. The Trailblazers were 31-10 at home this year and are 29-9 ATS in their last 38 as home favorites. Meanwhile, the Rockets were a .500 road team and 6-11 ATS as a road dog. Why the Rockets? We just believe in the law of averages. Portland is not a stellar defensive squad, so when Harden's shots start falling, the Rockets will be able to keep pace a little better. If that happens tonight, not only should a cover be in the stars but a straight up win. The Rockets are too good to go down without a fight.

Three road dogs. That's as bold as my morning roast. Here's hoping we have some riveting basketball tonight, everyone.

Top Confidence Pick: We'll go with the Raptors simply because they are the most confident of the three teams playing in the least hostile environment and getting the most points. How's that for handi-capable?

May the Spreads Be With Us All,

Vinny and Marco

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