Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NBA Playoff Picks - 4/23/14

Finally, a non-.500 day. Unfortunately, it was sub-.500. Nonetheless, our top confidence pick hit again, so we are:

Record to Date: 6-7 ATS

Top Picks: 2-0 ATS

MIAMI HEAT (-10) over Charlotte Bobcats: This is the time of year that experienced champions step on the gas pedal. Here come The Heat and there go The Bobcats. This series will be a sweep with Charlotte covering Game 3 or 4.

Dallas Mavericks (+8) over SAN ANTONIO SPURS: There's no reason why Dallas shouldn't keep this game close. Psychologically, Game 1 showed they can compete with this team on the road in a hostile playoff environment. That will breed confidence enough for another close game.

HOUSTON ROCKETS (-6) over Portland Trailblazers: Just a feeling. I could use the same reasoning for the Trailblazers as I did for the Mavs, but I think that they might feel satisfied with stealing one game and let their guard down a la Golden State Warriors.

Top Confidence Pick: Miami Heat minus the points.

May the Spread Be With You,

Vinny and Marco

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