Monday, May 27, 2013

NBA Playoff Pick-a-thon Day 38: Heat Wave Rips Through Indiana






Marco enjoyed tonight's game much more than I did - for the first three quarters that is. That's when he received the sarcastic phone call from yours truly, saying, "Does it make you feel any better that with the points we're only down by 14?" After a brief pause he said, "Oh yeah. Shit. I forgot," referring to the Saturday night flipping and the flopping landing on Indiana and the points. After that, I'm not sure who enjoyed the fourth quarter less - the one with three miserable quarters of losing to prepare or the one who had been celebrating a Heat blowout at the expense of his own reputation. 

        "Are you shitting me? You took the Pacers?"

Although Marco and I usually share equally in our victories and defeats, I'll take the heat for this loss and that's the only way you'll catch me taking the Heat for anything. I'm turning the series over to Marco, because I simply can't take my heart out of the picks. And by heart, I mean pure, unadulterated loathing.

Had you asked me to explain my hatred for Miami this morning, I would have been at a loss. Being the self-reflective sports fan that I am, however, I put a lot of thought into my feelings after the game this evening. And by a lot of thought, I mean the eight minutes I lay still in complete darkness praying my daughter would drift off to sleep after only one bedtime story. She did, and now I know the answer: Predictability. I hate predictability in sports. 


In two short seasons, the Miami Heat became the New York Yankees, the New England Patriots, and the late '90's Detroit Red Wings all rolled into one. To be fair, the New England Patriots achieved dynasty status with solid coaching and player personnel in a league whose salary cap rules are in place to ensure its reputation for parity, so I have some respect for what they've accomplished. When the New York Giants upset their perfect season in 2007, it was the best Super Bowl ever. When the New York Giants did it again two years ago, then I started to feel a little annoyed with their success. 


I guess that's just me as a sports fan. I like the underdogs until they become the favorites. Even as a Laker fan throughout the years, I felt uncomfortable supporting a team with a championship or bust success meter. That's why I gave them up. Now I get to enjoy the suffering of being a Golden State Warriors fan, hoping that one day they will win me - at the very least - an NBA Finals game seven third world subsidized championship t-shirt they can put in the incinerator with me when I die. Watching the San Francisco Giants win a World Series for the first time on the West Coast was way more satisfying than the 10 NBA titles I'd witnessed in L.A. Now that they've won two in three years...ahh, who am I kidding - it's totally awesome. 


But screw all those other guys...

San Antonio Spurs (+3) over MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES: The Grizzlies are done. No team in NBA history has come back from a 3-0 deficit, and that certainly isn't going to change against a Gregg Popavich coached team. The Spurs are very aware that in order to continue their run through the NBA Finals against either team from the East, they are going to need rest. That rest begins tonight. Take the points. If Memphis wins it will be on a desperation buzzer-beater. 

One Hundred and One Days Until Football Season,

Vinny and Marco

KYLE'S CORNER: Monday, the Morgue

The eerie title is because Monday's are sports bettors burials. Games usually have strange outcomes and too many people go all-in trying to cover their loses on the weekend. There is a reason Monday Night Football is so popular. So this will be a light day from me, until Tuesday rolls around and the gambling world returns to normal

Recap: Another fantastic day, overall 9-3, 75%.


Sunday: 1-1
Overall: 43-27-1


Sunday: 8-2
Overall: 118-78-7

So Monday's games - I hate Monday's with a passion, but here we go:


Chicago @ Detroit: Chicago to win.


Pitcher Follow

PIT:   Liriano (3-0, 1.00 ERA)
STL:   Wainwright (6-3, 2.38 ERA)
SF:   Bumgarner (4-2, 2.89 ERA)


BAL:   Hammel (6-2, 5.37 ERA) @ WSH:   Gonzalez (3-2, 3.66 ERA) O7.5
MIA:   Fernandez (2-2, 3.31 ERA) @ TB:   Odorizzi (0-0, 5.40 ERA) O7
LAA:   Wilson (4-3, 3.39 ERA) @ LAD:   Greinke (2-1, 3.48 ERA) O7
ATL:   Hudson (4-3, 4.98 ERA) @ TOR:   Buehrle (1-3, 5.90 ERA) O9

I can't stress this enough, this is a low confidence day for me - unless I use bold italics. My system works and is proven but Mondays statistically always seem to turn out bad, so I urge everyone be cautious today and best of luck! 

Every Monday Vegas smiles.


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