Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spurs vs Thunder Game 3 Pick - 5/25/14

I just realized that the beautiful post I wrote yesterday about the Heat being unbeatable in Game 3 at home and the Kings finally taking series lead before Game 7 never got published. Actually, truth be told I had the Kings losing at home in order to rebuild their come from behind mojo. C'est la vie - if it doesn't go to print, then I can't count the stats. That's the sports betting gods for you, and just so you know I'm being honest, I also took the UNDER in the NHL game. Please know, I did not mean to drop the ball, but in my haste to drive seven hours round-trip to a wedding I must have forgotten to press "Publish." The good news, I have my intro paragraph written already...

I can't remember who's playing, but I'm pretty sure the NBA playoffs continue this weekend with a pair of critical Game 3's. And since we still have $100 of risk-free, no obligation, no commitment money to play around with thanks to our friends at 1Vice (click on the logo to the right for your money), we may as well lay a few dollars on some NBA and NHL action.

Poetry right? Or clear evidence I was in a hurry. Or neither. Or both.

NBA Playoff Record: 38-37-1 ATS

NHL Playoff Record: 1-0-1 


OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER (-2) over San Antonio Spurs: Ibaka or no Ibaka - which is why it's hard to find an open line right now - if the Dallas Mavericks can beat the Spurs three times then surely the Thunder can find a way to win the all-important Game 3. If they don't, they can start packing for the off-season, and we expect an MVP and MVP2 performance from the OKC superstars. All they need after that is a little bit of help from a third scorer, one of the best home crowds in the league, a brilliant defensive effort, and a letdown game by San Antonio. We think  they get those things. We'll give up the small chalk with OKC.


Montreal Canadians @ New York Rangers Game 3: We don't have a great feel for hockey, so I've started doing some research to explore the various ways you can bet on a game. It's not so different from baseball with runs being given to the dogs or taken away from the favorites. We believe the New York Rangers find a way to win this game at home, but coming into the series the Canadians were the favorites, had a better regular season, but sadly lost their premier goalie. All that being said, we like the Puck Line (just looked it up) in this game. Take The Canadians (-190) PUC and we'll stay away from the total because it will probably yield a 3-2 push again. 

 "Yes - lost by less than two. Sweet." 

May the Spreads Be With You All,

Vinny and Marco

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