Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers - 5/28/14 Pick ATS

Anybody want $2,000? Just click on the logo to the right and follow the directions to join 1Vice's World Cup June Madness Bracket. C'mon - it's easy. It's soccer. How hard can it be to guess the score? Not only can you win two grand, you'll also get $25 for every entry submitted - which according to my entry tracker is at least $25. It should be fun, and we'll be posting our guesses here at The Spread Zone.

NBA Playoff Record: 40-38-1 ATS

NHL Playoff Record: 3-1-1 

MLB Record: 2-3


INDIANA PACERS (+2) over Miami Heat: Fact - teams up 3-1 in a best of seven which go on to win game 5, win said series one million percent of the time. That's science. Tonight, the Pacers extend this series one last time before going down in a fizzling, moist flicker of glory back in Miami for Game 6. The Heat have owned the Pacers since the talk of home court advantage was brought up late in the season, and right now that advantage is back in the hands of Miami. This game, however, is in Indy and when these teams meet the home team almost always wins. We'll take the points and two chances to cover.

Stats of the Night

Play Against – Any team vs the money line (INDIANA) revenging a loss vs opponent of 10 points or more, off 2 or more consecutive road losses
206-94 over the last 5 seasons. ( 68.7% | 71.0 units )
23-14 this year. ( 62.2% | -1.3 units )
Play Under – Road teams where the first half total is between 90.5 and 95.5 points after 3 or more consecutive wins, well rested team – playing 6 or less games in 14 days
46-18 over the last 5 seasons. ( 71.9% | 26.2 units )
7-3 this year. ( 70.0% | 3.7 units )

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS (-145) over Los Angeles Kings: We learned a long time ago that in the sports betting world knowledge is the opposite of power, which is why dating back to last season our hockey (a sport which I've only watched parts of games) picks have yielded an 11-3-1 record. We're rolling with the Blackhawks to extend this series. 
Play On – Home teams when the money line is +125 to -125 (ST LOUIS) excellent fielding team – averaging <=0.5 errors/game on the season, after 5 straight games where they had 10 or more hits
31-11 since 1997. ( 73.8% | 20.7 units )
0-1 this year. ( 0.0% | -1.0 units )
*Couple this stat with the fact that Kuroda has given up runs in the first inning of 4 of his last 5 and you've got a recipe for a Cardinal win.

May the Spreads Be With You,
Vinny and Marco

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