Friday, May 9, 2014

Clippers Thunder Pick ATS - 5/9/14

Sadly, from time to time, my regular life interferes with what I really love to do, which is talk with my buddy Marco, make fun of shit, handicap sports, and then watch the games unfold into the wee hours of the night. Just knowing how much I love gambling and sports assures me that when I grow old and incapable of talking, thinking, or moving - provided my Internet and cable are hooked up - I'll waste away a happy, old geezer.

Last night, said life had me awake from about midnight to four in the morning tending to a hungry and restless four year-old who just would not go back to sleep. Had there been some kind of sporting event to distract myself with during her Jake and the Neverland Pirates marathon, I might  have been a more patient, understanding dad. As it was, I cut her off after an episode and a half and started the bedtime routine all over again. The results, however, were mixed/futile/an exercise in spirituality, and today I am feeling the repercussions of both sleep deprivation and yet another .500 evening at this little make-shift, living room operation we affectionately call The Spread Zone.

Sometimes I just put things in these posts to make myself giggle. Sadly, I don't even have the energy to make fun of anyone, and even my hatred of the Miami Heat feels like a dying ember right now. Man I hate those...ahhh, whatever. I'm watching the Giants play their hated rival Dodgers and I barely care that L.A. just put a run up on the board - mostly because I'm a conflicted mother f-er who has Josh Beckett on his fantasy team and $10 on the Under. Ah, the confusing, joyous alchemy of sports betting, gambling, and sports enthusiasm. Welcome to my world. Grab yourself a beverage and enjoy treading water.

NBA Playoffs Round 2 Record: 4-3-1 ATS

Top Confidence Picks: 9-8-1 ATS

2014 Overall NBA Playoff Record: 28-29-1 ATS

Tonight we have a pair of Game 3's with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Washington Wizards returning home after stealing a split on the road in Oklahoma City and Indiana respectively. The Clippers and Thunder each won a blowout over the other, while the Wizards owned Indy in Game 1 and gave them a run for their money late in Game 2 before losing by a few. Will the lower seeds take control of the series at home or will the Thunder and the Pacers show us why they were considered NBA championship caliber teams during the regular season? Let's look at the numbers.

WASHINGTON WIZARDS (-4) over Indiana Pacers: Not only are the Pacers lucky to be in the second round, they're lucky to not be down 0-2 after their continued lackluster performance. Chances are, now that we're finally picking against them, they'll show us they can compete. The reason we're taking the Wizards here is because this line swing from -4 in Indy to -4 in DC seems a little too big to be true. Therefore, when we don't know why we now assume someone else does. Oh wait, maybe it's the fact that the Pacers have been sucking so badly. Washington is now 10-1 ATS in their last 11 games and I can't even remember the last time the Pacers covered outside of their Game 7 win over the Hawks. Give up the points in this one, then take the Pacers on the next segment of the roller coaster. 

Oklahoma City Thunder (+4) over LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS: Another huge point spread shift here going from -5.5 in OKC to -4 in L.A. The difference here is this is a huge market team against a team with arguably two of the best players in the NBA including this year's MVP, Kevin Durant. The Clippers are 2-5 ATS after scoring 100 points, and OKC has won three of their last four times in L.A. - and no I'm not including the Lakers. More importantly, however, we believe this will be more of a defensive battle than we saw in the first two games of the series because Game 3 is so pivotal and important, which will keep it closer late.

Top Confidence Pick: Washington Wizards -4

Fun Parlay: First half only Wizards/Pacers OVER 91.5/OKC +2/OKC/LA Under 108

Good luck and May the Spreads Be With You,

Vinny and Marco

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